Baby Yoga

Baby yoga incorporates ‘over the clothes’ massage, stretching and movements for your baby, songs, rhymes, actions and sensory activities. We also include relaxation and breathing exercises for you as well as gentle stretches and movements.

This is yoga for babies rather than adults, although there will be some very gentle stretches and positions based on yoga for you to try with your baby. It is a great course for babies to move on to once they have completed our baby massage course (although this is not a pre-requisite).

 Benefits of Baby Yoga

What can baby yoga help with?

  • alleviating trapped wind, constipation and soothing colic.
  • improving quality of sleep.
  • providing dedicated time for you to bond with your baby.
  • strengthening and toning your baby’s muscles and improving coordination.
  • soothing your baby and encouraging relaxation.
  • encouraging the development of your baby through singing, rhymes and movement.

Mums and their babies must have had the all clear following their 6-8 week check with their GP before attending Baby Yoga classes. Mums will need to be able to lift their babies.

Class format

Small group classes in the local area.

These sessions are great if you would like to get out and meet other parents and their babies in the local area. The sessions are small and relaxed and yoga mats are provided.

Please see our Facebook page for current sessions running.

 What to bring

I will provide yoga mats for everyone attending. Please make sure that you wear comfy clothes that you can move about and stretch in. Please bring everything you would normally need for your baby including a comforter if they use one. Classes are very relaxed so please feel comfortable to feed, change and cuddle your baby whenever you need to during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age can I bring my baby to Baby Yoga classes?

We recommend that babies are around 10-12 weeks to start classes right up until they are crawling.

  • Will I be doing yoga during the class?

This is not yoga for adults, however there are some simple stretches and movements that are based on yoga for you to try with your baby. We incorporate breathing techniques into the sessions and try to have a little relaxation session at the end of each class (babies permitting!). You need to have had your 6-8 week before you attend and be able to lift your baby.