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and for some of you reading, it may be a welcome to the 4th trimester…. (what….there’s another one?).

This is just another term for your baby’s first 3 months as they adjust to life on the outside. From the warmth and being constantly ‘held’ in the womb to being outside in the light, with fluctuating temperatures and being held much less.

It makes sense that this is the time where you’re probably saying ‘they just don’t want to be put down’…..

So what may help the transition? Here are a few ideas, every baby is different there will be a bit of trial and error to find out what works for you:

BABY MASSAGE & SKIN TO SKIN: helps to stimulate the hormone for love and bonding- oxytocin, also helps to stabilise stress hormones and heart rate.

MOVEMENT: rocking, swaying, swinging, car journeys, buggy rides.

BABY WEARING: with a sling or wrap. Good way to keep your baby calm and your hands free!

POSITION: try baby yoga, especially the tiger in the tree position which can be an instant calmer!

FRESH AIR: get outside as much as possible can help, the morning light can help regulate your baby’s sleep rhythms.

WHITE NOISE: the hoover or even a hairdryer! You can also play white noise through Youtube or an app on your phone.

SWADDLING: (for babies 0-14 weeks), can help your baby feel snug and secure.

WATER: a nice deep warm bath, preferably with a parent.

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