… and a very warm welcome to Olivie. We specialise in Parent Wellbeing, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and are based in Surrey, U.K. We’re here to support you from baby and beyond!

We can teach you effective techniques to help soothe and relax your baby and to aid in their ongoing development but we won’t forget about you! Life as a parent can be stressful and with that in mind we aim to equip you with practical ways to enhance your own wellbeing right from when your baby is born  – from simple breathing and relaxation techniques to mindfulness and self care ideas that you can use on a daily basis.

Learning baby massage techniques is a brilliant way to help your baby transition into the world. There are so many benefits- helping your baby with tummy troubles, colic, relaxation, colds, congestion, teething… the list goes on! Also, importantly, massaging your baby can make you feel good by helping to release relaxing, happy hormones as well as providing you with some special time to bond with your baby. Learning baby massage is a great investment as you’ll be able to use the techniques with your child for years to come.

Baby Yoga is a great transition from massage where you’ll gently stretch and move your baby, helping them to engage in sensory activities and hopefully enjoying some relaxation yourself.

Enjoy having a browse around our website, and come and visit us again for news and helpful information.